The Saga Behind Kshema

Two energetic, experienced, educated and talented people sharing the same passion set off as a team to define a new path for the business world in the year 2017. They launched Fresh, Natural and Organic products living up to its name Kshema meaning SAFE. The fire in them to work limitless has gifted Kshema with satisfied happy investors and customers. Kshema has made its way to top of the business line with a worldwide network of distribution as the biggest importer and exporter in the industry. With quality and excellence at its peak Kshema has become a respectful name recognized by investors and customers both locally and internationally. Today the company takes pride in its global presence for world class products with unbeatable competency in the FMCG sector.

Founders – Profile

Mrs. Geetha A R

Managing Director

  • MBA graduate from ICFAI.
  • Hands on experience in the Dubai FMCG Sector for over 10 years.
  • Worked across various domains like Banking, Insurance and Marketing.
  • Can handle the demands of the business segments with utmost ease and confidence.

Mr. Gangadhara Swamy

  • Fondly known as Swamy in the business world.
  • A talented entrepreneur with over 21 years of credibility in the field of Financial consulting, Sales, Advertising & Marketing.
  • Can take up any challenge head-on with his in-depth knowledge on nooks and corners of the business world to benefit the investors and customers in bountiful.

"Along team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about health and nutrition, and want to spread awareness around how to achieve this."


Our Vision is to be viewed as the best FMCG & Natural food company in the world & also extend our network across the Indian soil while setting up nutrition stores “Zafran Natural Xpress” for walk-in customers.


To keep the fire in us burning and continue to deliver quality products & services living up to the name Kshema meaning SAFE. To delight our consumers by delivering great results through our quality products. Our passion towards being the best in the marketplace drives us to be innovative and competitive across every product we deliver and in every region we serve.