The Saga Behind

Zafran Naturals

Zafran stands for ‘saffron’, in Arabic. This exotic and much-sought-after spice fascinates us in the same way that all our other 100% natural products do. We are committed to providing our customers with a reliable source of completely natural, chemical-free food products. Zafran specializes in providing consumers, retailers, and resellers with 100% natural, unadulterated, and chemical-free dry fruits, spices (ground and whole), masalas, healthy snacking, seeds, and honey. We try to source our goods from local farmers who grow their produce using sustainable farming methods or traders and importers who can guarantee the quality of the produce. This helps us be sure that we are doing our bit both to help local communities thrive and to preserve local ecosystems. Through our online portal, we enable our customers to avail Mumbai APMC prices from anywhere in the country, simply with a few clicks. Our prices are regularly updated, to ensure that they are fair and current.


To expand our operations on a pan-India level, making healthy food choices the norm in every household.


To provide India with easy access to fairly priced, 100% natural & unadulterated health foods while also contributing to the prosperity of local farmers and businesses.

Best Prices


Locally Sourced

We choose to work with local farms, sourcing only the best products, and bolstering local communities

100% Natural

We use natural processes at every step, to keep our products completely chemical-free

Minimal Processing

We do our best to deliver our products to you without altering their health benefits

zafran naturals

Modern Farm

We work only with farmers who use modern farming methods to ensure quality and lower environmental impact

Sustainable Practices

Our ingredients and products are grown sustainably, without impacting local ecosystems

Hygienic, Fresh

We ensure that our products are thoroughly cleaned before being packaged in a way that maintains freshness

Founders Profile

Mrs. Geetha A R
An MBA graduate from ICFAI, Mrs. Geetha’s unique perspective on the health foods industry in India comes from her 12 years of experience in the FMCG business, combined with her experience in other domains—including Insurance and Banking.

Zafran Wholesale benefits greatly from her drive to stay true to her vision of enabling easy access to premium health foods.
Mr. Gangadhara Swamy
Mr. Swamy stands out as a leader thanks to his boundless entrepreneurial spirit and knack for problem solving. He is aided in this by his 21 years of experience in sectors including Financial Consulting, Sales & Marketing.

At Zafran Wholesale, he uses his intuitive understanding of the business to add value to our offerings at every possible juncture.