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6 surprisingly smart strategies of Zafran Naturals to fill the gap in Dry fruit wholesale market

Finding wholesale vendors who deliver quality dried fruits at fair prices is a challenging task. Retailers or small business owners either have to compromise on quality for a lesser price or might be pulled into purchasing items at exorbitant rates, which has a significant impact on profit margins.

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Here’s How to Eat Dry Fruits in the right way to reap the greatest health benefits!

Is it true that soaking dry fruits in water makes them more effective? Which is the right time to have them?

With the rise of chronic diseases such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, and plenty of other ailments, people are becoming increasingly worried about their health, diets, and lifestyles.

As a result, many people are seeking new ways to improve their health, one of which is including dry fruits in their diet.

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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Dry Fruits Every Day

Did you know dried fruits contain up to 3.5 times the fiber, vitamins, and minerals of fresh fruits?


Eating dry fruits every day can help your body meet the daily nutritional requirements. They also help us to keep energetic and active throughout the day.

A handful of dry fruits every day can keep you away from the doctor, just like an apple! Dry fruits are the best-prescribed medicines to keep many diseases at bay. From heart health to thyroid function they nourish every nook and cranny of our body. 

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Dry Fruits Laddu or Energy Balls Recipe

Dry Fruits Laddu for Boosting Energy and Health: These delightful and nutty bites are all you need for a busy life and a healthy living.

Have you ever tasted this popular and healthiest Indian recipe called dry fruits laddu? I’m certain you are! Dry fruit laddu is a staple in Indian cuisines, functions and is also usually served during festivals.


Having a handful of dry fruits and nuts every day is a good idea! How about making it an exciting and tasty snack that can be eaten at any time of day? So we have come up with this “Energy Balls” or dry fruit laddu recipe prepared from chopped dry fruits, nuts, and seeds.