Work remotely as a Channel Partner.
No experience required!

A balance between convenience and steady income.

Zafran is one of the fastest-growing brands in the FMCG sector. We’re offering you the opportunity to sell from over 300 health food products.

Everyone has been hit hard by Covid-19.
It’s time to pick ourselves up.

Whether you’re a retiree, a homemaker, or just starting your career, we want to help you earn from home.

* Flexible Work Hours

* Be Your Own Boss
* Decide How Much You Earn Every Month

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    Your strategic online business partner!

    Zafran is offering excellent career opportunities for individuals, especially women and retired individuals as Channel Partners.

    As a Channel Partner you will:

    • Explain the advantages of Healthy living & promote and sell Zafran’s wide range of healthy products to your network.
    • Communicate to your network and customers about various health benefits of our  products and book orders on their behalf.
    • Register clients data, help them to choose the products as per their budget and requirement & place the order on our website/App.
    • Earn money while you educate your circle with the advantages of healthy food. See amazing revenue from your part.

    Who can Join this?

    Work from home/remote work has been adopted by numerous working personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if you aren’t part of the full-time workforce (for example, if you’re retired or a homemaker), you can work remotely with us.


    Retired individuals and housewives have the opportunity to partner with us and earn money as a Channel Partner, to become financially independent.

    A one-time registration fee of INR 1,000 is the only other requirement.

    What Is the FMCG Business?

    FMCG refers to Fast Moving Consumer Goods—products that are sold quickly, like food products. This industry is one of the most stable sectors, thanks to its essential nature, and is constantly evolving.

    With Zafran, you will get the opportunity to express your creativity by developing new branding and marketing ideas for the FMCG industry.

    Highly innovative

    Equal representation

    Ever-growing and evolving

    High-income opportunities


    Fast-moving & fast-paced

    With Covid-19 financially affecting the lives of numerous individuals, Zafran is excited to provide you with an excellent opportunity to partner with us and serve as a Channel Partner.

    “Your road to financial independence begins here. Explore your potential with Zafran.”

    Benefits of Joining the program!

    • Unlimited Income with no experience required
    • Be your own boss and earn amazing revenue
    • Flexibility to work from anywhere at your convenience
    • Get dividend from your growing network
    • Professional recognition along with a chance to interact with new people and make new friends.
    • Receive Professional guidance and training
    • Opportunity to sell over 300+ health products online through our website using your smartphone or a computer.

    Income as Channel Partner

    Fixed payout for three months

    Lifetime commission on every purchase through the app and/or website

    Commission on all your sales

    International trips

    First-time customer registration incentives