If you’ve ever dreamt of running the best franchise in India, you’ve come to the right place.

Partner with us and sell premium health foods for nutty profit margins.

We offer our franchisees guaranteed profits that come with a reliably high success rate and staggeringly low investment.

And we’ll be with you every step of the way.


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    Our Franchisee Support Program

    > If this is your first foray into running your own franchise business, Zafran is the perfect partner. We’ll provide you with the necessary business training to turn great profits in no time.


    > We shoulder 50% of the rent for the first 3 months and also provide you with a merchandiser to help improve direct sales (we bear the cost).


    > Your franchise store will benefit from our ability to provide national advertising and marketing support at zero cost.


    > We even have a telecalling program that your customers can take advantage of.


    > Zafran uses a tried-and-tested expansion and promotion strategy that will quickly allow you to expand your market share.

    > Sell premium products over multiple sales channels. We provide technology support for quicker transactions, including an app for smart sales.

    Your Future with Zafran

    Choose Your Investment Level

    We offer you three robust business models, all of which have their own benefits. You can choose one depending on your resources.

    Premium Health Foods

    Our products are varied and of the highest quality. You can rest assured that they will fly off the shelves. Check out our products here.

    Large Market Share

    When you open a  Zafran Franchise, you will be the only Zafran distributor in that particular territory.

    Guaranteed ROI

    Our franchisees can expect profit margins between 10% and 50%.

    Rapid Expansion

    Our zero-cost marketing program will help you to make good margins, allowing you to expand to multiple locations.

    Your Business, Your Way

    You will have the independence to run things the way you want. Once we’ve provided you with the initial training, if you require it, we don’t try to micromanage your business.

    Choose from Our Globally and Nationally Proven Franchise Models

    This flexibility makes Zafran Naturals Wholesale Outlet one of the best franchise opportunities in India.

    Equal Investment model

    Franchise Owner
    50% by franchise owner.
    Zafran Naturals
     50% by Zafran Naturals.
    50% to franchise owner and 50% to Zafran Naturals.

    100% Investment

    Franchise Owner
    100% investment.
    10% royalties to Zafran Naturals.

    * In all the above models, turnkey setup will be done by Gsquire India.

    Our Attractive Revenue Model

    Retail Sales

    profit margins from 40%.

    Wholesale Sales

    2% margin for supply provided to other supermarkets, bulk sales, and hotel sales.

    Corporate Gifts

    5% to 25% margins for leads generated for corporate and gift box sales.

    Online Sales

    15% margin for products delivered through online sales.

    Distribution Sales (Optional)

    8 to 12% margin for setting up distribution network.

    Franchisee Requirements

    Area Required: 500 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft.

    Investment Required: 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs.

    Location Specification: Area with high footfall and profit potential.

    Take a Look at Our Offerings

    dry fruits

    Dry Fruits



    Spice Powders

    Whole Spices

    Whether you want to open your franchise in Bangalore, Delhi, or Goa, Zafran will back you all the way. Zafran Naturals Wholesale Outlet is one of the best franchises to own thanks to our support system and flexibility of investment.