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Cranberry Whole

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Dried cranberries are tiny, hard, round, red-colored fruits with bitter, sour, and acidic notes in addition to their sweetness. They can be used to make syrup, shakes, or juice.

You can also add them to stuffing, desserts, or casseroles for additional flavour.

They can be served as jelly or cooked to make cranberry sauce. They are a wonderful addition to scones, cakes, muffins, and as toppings for pancakes.

Nutritional Values: 

Serving size 100g
Energy 308 Kcal
Protein 0.17 g
Total Lipid (fat) 1.09 g
Carbohydrate 82.8 g
Fiber 5.3 g
Sugars 72.6 g
Calcium 9 mg
Iron 0.39 mg
Magnesium 4 mg
Phosphorus 8 mg
Potassium 49 mg
Sodium 5 mg

Health Benefits:

  • The dark color of cranberries is due to an antioxidant called anthocyanin. Proanthocyanidins, which are also present in dried cranberries, help prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Dried cranberries are primarily composed of fiber and carbohydrates, making them a perfect option for those seeking to be more health-conscious, but without sacrificing flavour.
  • Vitamin C, which is abundant in dried cranberries, can help maintain skin, bone, and muscle health.
  • Dried cranberries also include a wide range of B vitamins, which may help to regulate metabolism.
  • Calcium present in these dried cranberries is absorbed by bones and helps maintain bone density.
  • Cranberries are also rich in amino acids that may aid in the formation of healthy skin cells as well as the reduction of redness and swelling that can occur when skin is subjected to various environmental conditions. Further, the flavonoids in these fruits promote heart health.
  • Buy dried cranberries online and treat your taste buds to the delicious flavours and health benefits of these dried fruits.


Dried cranberries can be used to prepare wine. They can be eaten raw in the form of a snack or can be added to yogurts, ice-creams, or even salads. They are also a perfect addition to rich rice dishes such as pulao and biryani.

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