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Dried Raspberry

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Dried raspberries have an iconic sweet and tart flavor. They are similar to blackberries since both are aggregate fruits (made up of tiny clusters called drupelets). Raspberries differ from blackberries, though, in that they are hollow inside. They possess an entrancing aroma and taste exquisite. Dried raspberries can be eaten on their own, used as a topping for ice cream, or simply eaten with a little sugar and cream.

Nutritional Values: 

Serving size 100g
Energy 350 Kcal
Protein 10 g
Total lipid (fat) 0 g
Carbohydrate 80 g
Fiber 20 g
Sugars 40 g
Calcium 200 mg
Iron 7.2 mg
Sodium 0 mg
Vitamin C 120 mg
Vitamin A 1000 IU

Health Benefits:

  • Dried raspberries are rich in fiber, which can aid in the reduction of blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.
  • Fiber-rich foods like these raspberries help keep you feeling fuller for longer after a meal, so they can aid weight loss by cutting down on the impulse to snack.
  • Regular consumption of blackberries helps protect the eyes from UV radiation because of their high lutein content.
  • Blackberries are high in minerals—including calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for strong bones.
  • Calcium supports the bones, whereas magnesium helps the body absorb calcium and potassium more effectively.
  • Furthermore, the phosphorus in blackberries aids in the management of calcium, which helps to develop strong bones and contributes to appropriate cellular function.
  • Blackberries contain a good amount of vitamin K, which helps in the normal clotting of blood. It also helps prevent excessive bleeding from slight injuries and aids in healing wounds.
  • They are a rich source of vitamins C, E, and B9 (folic acid), dietary fiber, and minerals such as magnesium and manganese.
  • Dried raspberries are high in antioxidants, which defend against cell damage. They may positively impact your blood sugar due to their high tannin and fiber content. They may help lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


Dried raspberries can be used in salads, puddings, tarts, cakes, and other desserts. They can also be added as a topping on waffles, cereals, and pancakes. Dried raspberries can be processed into sauces, jams, and jellies at home. They can also be used to infuse flavor into champagne, vinegar, and other liqueurs. Dried raspberries from Zafran Naturals that make a wonderful addition to desserts, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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