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Immunity Boosting Dry Fruit Kit

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1. California Almonds – 250gm
2. Cashews/Kaju – 250gm
3. Iranian Pista (Salted) – 250gm
4. Kimia Dates – 600gm
5. Afghan Apricot – 250gm
6. Afghan Raisins (Seedless) – 250gm
7. Afghan Figs – 250gm
8. Kashmiri Walnuts – 250gm

The FREE pulse oximeter included with every purchase (worth INR 2500) will help you ensure that your blood oxygen levels are at healthy levels.


California Almonds 
Almonds are a great source of essential antioxidants like vitamin E.

Cashews contain copper, which boosts immune system functioning.

Iranian Pista (Salted)
Pistachios promote cardiovascular health & healthy blood circulation.

Kimia Dates
Dates are packed with nutrients that can help improve your bone health.

Afghan Apricot
Dried Apricots lower the risk of strokes & lower your blood pressure levels.

Afghan Raisins (Seedless)
Raisins have antimicrobial properties & can greatly improve your oral health.

Afghan Figs
Figs contain vitamin B6 which improves your body’s ability to process & create protein.

Kashmiri Walnuts (Halves)
Walnuts provide your body with essential omega-3 fatty acids.


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