Sell Your Natural & Healthy Products Online With Zafran Naturals, at Fantastic Profits.

Zafran is looking for farmers, traders, importers, and manufacturers who want to sell farm products both online and offline.

Our business model guarantees that our relationship will be both financially rewarding and convenient.
We give you the best prices and always promptly credit payment to you.


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    Through Zafran Naturals, You Can Sell:






    Spice Powders


    Whole Spices

    dry fruits

    Dry Fruits

    If you have natural and healthy products to sell, we offer you:

    Pan-India Reach

    Our extensive network includes retail stores, wholesale stores, franchisees & distributors across the country.

    Through this network, your products will reach markets you would not normally have access to.

    A Lean, Mean Marketing Machine

    Quality products deserve Quality presentation to stand out from the competition.

    Our team of marketing & design experts will provide you with custom branding, packaging, and marketing services for your product.

    Logistical Support

    We provide our vendors with logistical support. Our facilities include delivery vehicles, warehousing facilities, and packaging facilities.

    These will help reduce your overhead costs and increase your profit margins substantially over time.

    Prompt Customer Care

    We are committed to keeping our vendors happy and ensuring that the relationship is mutually profitable.

    Our dedicated support team will be able to help you with all queries and resolve them to your satisfaction.

    Steady Profits

    Our business model gives us the freedom to provide you with the best deals for selling agricultural products online.

    This, combined with the essential nature of the goods we deal in, ensures a steady cash flow.

    Experience You Can Depend On

    With 6 years of experience in the health food and online selling business, you are in safe, steady hands.

    We aim to be the leading retailer for natural goods in India. Join us on our journey to the top.

    Our experience as an online seller and our well-established network allow us to provide you with the best prices for your products. With Zafran, you can rest assured that you are being treated fairly.

    The Zafran Advantage

    Zafran is your one-stop, hassle-free solution to selling natural products in India. Here’s why.

    By choosing to work with Zafran, you are freed up to focus on the other aspects of your business.

    Leave the branding, design, and marketing to us and we’ll maximise your products’ value in the online marketplace.

    Let us help you turn your health foods into one of the best selling products online.

    Our experience and track record show that your trust in us is wholly justified and well-placed.

    We strive to ensure that all parties involved, from one end of the supply chain to the other, are satisfied.

    Achieve Your Growth Potential

    The conveniences we offer translate to higher profits for you and will free you up to focus on expanding your operations and scaling to your full potential, safe in the knowledge that you can rely on us.


    Zafran Naturals is quickly emerging as one of the foremost online selling sites. India, from shore to shore, will be given the opportunity to purchase your healthy nuts, seeds, spices, and honey.