Zafran is looking for

Stockists & Investors
in India

To stock and sell
California Nonpareil Almonds 

  • This is a premium imported product.
  • In high demand & with high resale value.

Quick turnaround on your investment. 


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    Become an Almond Stockist With Zafran Today!

    Quick Profits with the “King of Dry Fruits”

    Stockist Requirements

    • Minimum investment of 5 lakhs
    • 500 to 1000 sq. ft. godown space
    • 1 to 2 delivery vehicles
    • Cold room for storage

    Stockist Responsibilities

    • Safely store the product in hygienic conditions
    • Fulfill orders placed with Zafran by delivering the product to the buyer
    • Conduct independent sales of these top-quality almonds.

    100% Natural & Chemical-Free California Nonpareil Almonds

    High-quality imported product. California almonds are world-famous for their flavour. These almonds are a superfood, packed with nutrients, and so highly sought after.

    Terrific taste. Farm-fresh. Pasteurised for long shelf life.
    100% unadulterated.

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